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Posted by jess h on 19th May 2014

To DIY or to BUY

shattered iphone

When it comes to protecting your valuables, do you take a chance and DIY ?




We think not.

While there may be many clever ways to cover your phone, tablet, or computer, we don’t think it is wise to guard your electronics in the same manner. Witz offers a full line of protective sport cases for all of your adventures.



Posted by jess h on 21st April 2014

Witz Adventure

thumbnail-2 copyIt is warming up…or so they say, and Spring is here. What travel plans do you have in mind? Are you a jet-setter? Or are you a staycationer? It seems that one thing is for certain, with all the latest technology you will be sure to log all of your wonderful adventure pics with an electronic device. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are a buzz with travel pics. Get your self in the conversation and #hashtag away. Join the Witz adventure conversation by using #myadventure and #witz . Be sure to protect those devices with a Witz Case. Favorite colors and patterns available for Spring.


Posted by jess h on 7th April 2014

Rainy Day Adventure Planned? We’ve Got You and Your Valuables Covered

Spring seems to be here. Flip flops, windows down, lighter food, and rain!!! Don’t worry though because with Witz Cases we have you covered rain or shine. Our cases are water resistant and made with crush resistant ABS plastic. Perfect for…


Run In The Rain


Bike In Th Rain


Paddle In The Rain


Hike In The Rain


Whatever your heart desires



Posted by jess h on 24th March 2014

Weekend Warrior: 5 Packing Tips

Did you get out of town this weekend and channel your inner weekend warrior? The winter weather has everyone searching for mini getaways to warmer climates. Thoughts of paddle boarding, surfing, and sun fill our fantasies. The calendar may say spring, but it definetly feels like winter. While you enjoy day dreaming, we wanted to provide you with some packing tips for when you are ready to book your next adventure.

Weekend Warrior Packing Tips

1.  Pack for where you are going. If hiking is on the agenda, skip the high heels and opt for the boots. If a relaxing weekend is what is on tap, then go for comfy and cozy layering options such as jeans, sweaters, hoodies, flops, and t shirts.  If a big city tour is happening, pull out all the best labels, trendy jeans, must have jewels and new bold cosmetic colors.

2.  Pack for how you are traveling. If driving, you are afforded the luxury of more space and more room to pack all your little heart desires. If flying is your way of transportation, pack only the must haves and wear the heavier/bulkier pieces while you travel.

3. Pack in a theme. Mix and match your wardrobe with each other. Denim stables such as a chambray shirt or jean jacket can be great transitional pieces between seasons. The can be worn over, under or as stand alone. A great pair of fitting jeans that hit you at the floor are the perfect length to wear with either heels or flats.


4. Pack your own tunes. Make a fun playlist of themed music for your destination. This is a must have for any road trip or flight. This will help hype you up for your final destination and begin setting you into vaca mood.

5. Protect your cargo. Find a great travel bag or carryall for packing. Remember to protect your electronics while traveling. Witz has several great options for the most sporty adventure to the most sophisticated.

Enjoy you trip and send us pics on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook using #myadventure 


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Posted by jess h on 19th March 2014

Our Thoughts Are With Families of Malaysia Flight Victims

Is your mind spinning with what happened to the mysterious Malaysia Flight?  Unlike the possible downed aircraft, dozens of conspiracy theories are surfacing. Where could it be? Who were the 239 on this flight? Fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, sons, and daughters? Why did it disappear? Conspiracy theory? Is it political or simply just an unfortunate accident? Did the Malaysian flight explode? Did it crash into the ocean? Was it hijacked? Rerouted? Has the plane been hidden? Could they be on an island like the cast of Lost? This morning we heard breaking news of a fisherman who claims to have seen the plane fly directly overhead. It makes you wonder.

Our thoughts are with those in Kuala Lumpur.


Photo Credit New York Daily News

Posted by jess h on 17th February 2014

Protect Your Smartphone : Smart Phone Locker and Smart Phone Locker II

shattered iphone

Ever been the victim of a shattered smartphone screen? Or dropped it in water? YIKES!!! We know that for some of you, this can be your biggest nightmare. How can you update your Facebook status, send the latest tweet, or capture your moments on camera with a busted up phone.

busted iphone

With winter temps still lingering around most of the country, you may be forced to venture out into Mother Nature’s frigid elements more often that you like. This may have you thinking twice about going out with your phone on those runs or sporting activities. You want to capture those snowy moments, but do you risk a shattered screen or wet phone? With the Witz Smart Phone Locker  or the Smart Phone Locker II in tow, you can feel more secure hitting the slopes or the trails. Stock up on this product now and transition easily into the warmer months when the ocean water and sun can be hard on your phone.


As much as you pay for your prized possession, you need to protect it.

smart phone locker


Posted by jess h on 1st February 2014

Tim Tebow: Pigskin Bound One Way Or The Other

Tim Tebow GMA

Photo Credit Hollywood Reporter

One big name we have been hearing a lot of in the the media this week  is former NFL 1st round draft pick Tim Tebow. This is pretty interesting considering he isn’t playing in the big game at all.  Tebow, once a quarterback for both Denver and New England has been visible regularly this week from a television commercial to vocalizing his Super Bowl predictions on Good Morning America. We haven’t seen this much of Tebow since he won the Heisman Trophy his sophomore  year  at Florida.


Tim Tebow Does T-Mobile

Tebow is the star of a commercial and new marketing campaign for T-Mobile promoting the beneifts of No Contract. This move by free agent Tim Tebow and cellular service provider T-Mobile is being touted as a brilliant marketing ploy by both by branding themselves as assests in their own industry respectively. The concept of NO ANNUAL CONTRACT can be considered attractive by some consumers just as a professional, young quarterback up for grabs by an NFL team in need.

As one NFL season ends and another will soon begin, we wonder what will be next for Tebow. He has stated how much he would love to further his career in the NFL, but could that career be behind the desk and in front of the cameras instead of on the field?

Whatever is next, we wish you good luck and will look forward to following your journey.







Posted by jess h on 12th January 2014

Camo Case for Duck Hunting Season

Are you a duck hunter ? Channel your inner Duck Dynasty and get the Witz Camo Case. It is the perfect thing for you. This case is slightly larger than our See It Safe Case. This is the perfect carry all for your personal items when hunting those waterfowl. Keep your ID, keys, and cash.  Don’t forget this case when packing your duck call and supplies. Secure your personal items while wadding out with this water proof case. #whatsyouradvetnure



Posted by henry on 20th December 2013

Elf on the shelf loves Witz Sport Cases

Look what the elf on the shelf dragged in!! You know Santa loves Witz Sport Sport Cases! Our cases make the best stocking stuffers!

elf on shelf witz sport cases


Posted by henry on 10th December 2013

Witz Sport Cases Holiday Sale!

The Holiday Season is upon us and we want to help you be able to share the gift of Witz Sport Cases!!

From now until January 5th, 2014 we have instant discounts in our online store.

Take 15% off any order, Take 25% off any order over $25 or take 35% off any order over $50!

Partake in our Witz Sport Cases Holiday Sale today! There are no coupons or promo codes needed. These discounts will automatically take place when you check out.

Fill those stockings with these great stocking stuffers or pile up the gifts under the tree!

Order now to make sure these get to you on time for Christmas!

Witz Holiday Sale