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Posted by henry on 20th November 2013

Witz Crayon Case!

This picture was sent in by Stephanie from Portland, Or with the words:
“I love my Witz sport cases and I love them even more now that I found other uses for them! With carrying my toddler around to play dates, coffee bars and restaurants there’s no easier case to carry all my kids crayons than a Witz case! Never thought of it till the other day! It’s waterproof, hard shell, and can fit a normal 12 pack if not more! Plus it can clip to my kids backpack and they sometime clip it to their pants or they put around their necks! They just love it cuz they see how I have mine on my bags! Also with all the different colors to choose from it makes it even more fun! Thanks Witz for making such a versatile case!! I call this my Witz Crayon Case!”
Thanks Stephanie for sharing!! If you have a creative way you use your witz case, we’d love to hear it! And we may just send you a free case for just sharing!
Witz Sport Cases
Posted by henry on 8th November 2013

Anatomy of a Witz Sport Case

Witz Sport Cases are one of the THE most practical waterproof cases to protect your valuables. Witz takes pride in the fact that all of our cases are compact, lightweight, portable and convenient. Unlike other protective cases, Witz Sport Cases work for everyday use. Our streamlined design makes them perfect for hanging around your neck, slipping into pockets, stowing in backpacks, or clipping to bags.

Witz Sport Cases, are designed to protect your gear, so that you can focus on your adventure. So, go have fun, and leave the details to us.

Below you can see what sets Witz Sport cases apart from the rest of our competition. Our Patented products have all the conveniences and practicality to protect your valuables while you take part in your daily adventures!

Witz Sport Case Parts

Posted by henry on 1st November 2013

Witz Case Survival Kit

Do you need a Survival Kit? This blogger did and what was his waterproof, crushproof case of choice to hold his survival tools? Witz Sport Cases! You know our kits are legit if people are using them as a survival case! Our cases are perfect since they are waterproof, crushproof and will help you survive the zombie apocalypse! =)

Check out his blog post here!

Here is a snippet: 

“Brilliant stuff. It’s a nice lightweight and slim form factor. Easily transferred from a backpack to a cargo pocket as needed.

Of course it may seem odd to carry a P.S.K. in a largely urban focused E.D.C. bag. True. But many of the principles are the same no matter what the environment is. Signaling. Tools. Navigation. Fairly universal things to a survival situation. At least that is my estimation.”
Witz Waterproof Kit
Posted by henry on 22nd October 2013

Witz Sport Case Smart Phone Case

Are you going on an adventure soon? Do you have a waterproof and crushproof case for your smart phone? If not you need to get one! Check out our waterproof and crushproof phone cases before you head out on your adventure to protect your expensive electronics!

Our phone cases even fit phones with cases! And our non clear cases have felt lined foam inserts for even more added protection!

Visit our website for more information and prices.

Waterproof Phone Case

Posted by henry on 10th October 2013

Witz Sport Cases: Sponsors at Whorley Golf Tournament benefiting The Sean Brock Foundation

We are so excited and blessed to be able to be a sponsor at the Whorley Golf Tournament benefiting the The Sean Brock Foundation. This is a great organization that was developed to provide resources and educational assistance to the families of our true heroes. The goal for this foundation is to provide scholarships to support the families of our fallen or wounded service members.

For more information or on how to get involved visit their website here:

WItz Sponsorship

Posted by henry on 6th October 2013

Witz Wrapper Waterproof Eyeglass Sport Case Review

Recently we asked our friends at Special ID Inc on our Witz Facebook Page on what Witz Sport Case they would recommend to their user base and we got a great response back from  Mike B their Vice President:

“I use the wrapper every day for my shades which is the reason they haven’t been lost or broken after 2 years. I take a surf safe on vacation for excursions so I can keep my ID, room key, and a bit of cash and I’m set without having to carry a wallet. Everything Witz is great!”

Thanks Mike for sharing and below is a youtube video review of the Wrapper Eyeglass Witz Case from Specialist ID Inc!

Here is a quick over view of the Eyeglass Wrapper:

The Witz Wrapper waterproof case is the perfect protection for those expensive Glasses and Sunglasses. Padded in the top and bottom and felt lined for lens protection. Because of the design of the Wrapper it offers exceptional protection against crushing. The Wrapper offers solid security for many types of wraparound style eyewear.

Here is a link to the Witz Wrapper Eyeglass Case for more info and purchasing.

Posted by henry on 15th September 2013

Witz Waterproof Utility Locker II Youtube Video Review

Check out this youtube video review on our Witz Waterproof Utility Locker II Sport Cases!

These cases are a must have if you are a fisherman or have a boat! Waterproof, crushproof and they float!

Thanks Specialist ID Inc for this great review!

To buy or get more information on the Witz Waterproof  Utility Locker II case, click here.

Posted by henry on 3rd September 2013

Witz Sport Tablet Case Prototype

We are so stoked to announce that we are working on a Witz tablet case! We are looking to hopefully launch this by Christmas, so more details to come but here’s a sneak peek of our prototype. We can’t wait to get these into your hands! And of course you have all the makings of a Witz Sport Case with it being waterproof and crushproof.  We’ll release more information as we finalize!


Witz Sport Tablet Case  Protoype

Posted by henry on 26th August 2013

No excuses! Get your Witz Cases now! 25% off expiring soon

Witz Sport Case 25% promotional discount expires soon! No excuses! its time to get your Witz Sport Case!

Use the coupon code: witz250ff and get any witz case at 25% off! Don’t miss this deal! Expires 9/15/13!

Witz Sport Cases 25% coupon code

Posted by henry on 13th August 2013

25% Coupon Code for All Witz Cases through September 15

Witz Nation! Do we have a treat for you! Starting right now through September 15th you can get 25% off all our cases on our website! Just visit our website and when you check out make sure to use the coupon code: witz25off and you’ll get 25% off your cases!

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity because it ends on September 15! Get your waterproof, crushproof cases now and start your next Adventure!