Posted by jess h on 1st February 2014

Tim Tebow: Pigskin Bound One Way Or The Other

Tim Tebow GMA

Photo Credit Hollywood Reporter

One big name we have been hearing a lot of in the the media this week  is former NFL 1st round draft pick Tim Tebow. This is pretty interesting considering he isn’t playing in the big game at all.  Tebow, once a quarterback for both Denver and New England has been visible regularly this week from a television commercial to vocalizing his Super Bowl predictions on Good Morning America. We haven’t seen this much of Tebow since he won the Heisman Trophy his sophomore  year  at Florida.


Tim Tebow Does T-Mobile

Tebow is the star of a commercial and new marketing campaign for T-Mobile promoting the beneifts of No Contract. This move by free agent Tim Tebow and cellular service provider T-Mobile is being touted as a brilliant marketing ploy by both by branding themselves as assests in their own industry respectively. The concept of NO ANNUAL CONTRACT can be considered attractive by some consumers just as a professional, young quarterback up for grabs by an NFL team in need.

As one NFL season ends and another will soon begin, we wonder what will be next for Tebow. He has stated how much he would love to further his career in the NFL, but could that career be behind the desk and in front of the cameras instead of on the field?

Whatever is next, we wish you good luck and will look forward to following your journey.







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